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This webpage is in the required reading list for Mel Peter's Independent Film II elective. It has been restored and archived by the developers of 1-2-gone. They also help Mel with the Films For Privacy group which also includes their search results removal service. Students from the course are filming documentary revealing how damaging Google searches can be, even for innocent people. They focus on one woman who's younger sister impersonated her in an inappropriate video and that video now shows in Google searches for her name. One of the most compelling aspects of the documentary is the interview with the principals of a search results removal service called IMFY.US. They can come to the rescue when nothing else works to get rid of a negative search result. What they do for a fee is optimize other sites to outrank the problem, pushing it off of Google's page 1. That seems to provide a significant improvement in most cases. They use high level skills to manipulate Google's search in a way that benefits the victims of Google's outrageous and unaccountable power.


This year's Guest of Honor: Tony Curtis!

Star of 106 films above the title, Tony Curtis has shown his versatility as an actor in such movies as "Some Like it Hot", "The Boston Strangler", "Trapeze", "Spartacus", "the Great Race", "Sweet Smell of Success" and "The Defiant Ones", which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.





Don't Miss This Special Evening!

2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Ned Beatty

Tribute night and screening of "Deliverance"

Friday, October 27th

Tickets go on sale September 1st

Call 925-552-7335





Past Awards


Year  Lifetime Achievement Award
 2007  Loni Anderson
 2006  Ed Asner
 2005  Rita Moreno
 2004  Tony Curtis
 2003  Cloris Leachman
 2002  Martin Landau


 Year  Golden Slate Award  Spirit Award
 2007  Bob Clark  Wayne Knight
 2006  John Badhman  Michael Berryman
 2005    Robert Hayes


 Year  Best Picture  Best Short
 2007  Simple Things  My Name Is Wallace
 2006  The Garage  The Doers of Coming Deeds
 2005  Marmalade  Bad Blood
 2004  The Wild Guys  Day of Independence
 2003  The Failures  Untitled 003: Embryo
 2002  Hungry Hearts  Speechless...
 2001  Single and Dealing With It  Bruised
 2000  Chimera House  This Is Not My Movie
 1999  Retribution  Flowers on A Muumuu


 Year  Best Mini Short  Best Documentary
 2007  The Angel  Border
 2006  Ice Cream  Altered by Elvis
 2005  Broken  Colorblind
 2004  Silent Night  Juvies
 2003  6PM  Nihi
 2002  Dead End  Walking the West
 2001  Bruised  When I Was Fourteen
 2000  One On One  Broken Ties
 1999  Crossing Guard  


 Year Best Student Film  Best Animation
 2007  Pop Foul  Perpetuum Mobile
 2006  Bon Appetit  Kungfu Gecko
 2005  Chaos Theory  Emelia
 2004  The Reunion  Flyaway
 2003  The Handerchief  Dear Sweet Emma
 2002  Pushing The Envelope  The Loneliest Number
 2000    Horses On Mars


 Year  Best Actress  Best Actor
 2007  Sally Kirkland - Blind Spot  Cameron Bancroft - Simple Things
 2006  Lisa Ann Walter - The Trouble with Dee Dee

 Geoffrey Lewis - Old Man Music

 2005  Jill Sorensen - Marmalade  David Krumholtz - Max & Grace
 2004  Isabel Sanford - Click Three Times  Julian Sands - Easy Six
 2003  Virginia Madison - Artwork  Long Nguyen - Apsara
 2002  Susan Blakely - Hungry Hearts  S. Greg Gardner - Hungry Hearts
 2001  Nancye Ferguson - What's In Hiedi's Head  Todd Licea - Jimmy Ritz
 2000  Melissa Greenspan - Life Is A Sweet  Danny Arroyo - Chimera House
 1999  Lisa Solaway - Holly vs. Hollywood  Lynn Mathis - Flowers on a Muumuu


 Year  Best Dirctor  Best Score
 2007  Andrew C. Erin - Simple Things  Tomorrow is Today
 2006  Carl Thibault - The Garage  Bon Appetit
 2005  Kim Dempster - Marmalade  Max & Grace
 2004  Richard Squires - Crazy Like A Fox  A Can of Paint
 2003  Jim Amatulli - Artworks  Flyfishing
 2002  Rolf Schrader - Hungry Hearts  The Interrogation
 2001  Scott Haro - Bruised  Horses on Mars
 2000  Brandy Brawner - Chimera House  Chimera House
 1999  John Murphy - Flowers on a Muumuu  Flowers on a Muumuu


 Year  Best Editing  Best Cinematogrpahy
 2007  Seekers  That Beautiful Somewhere
 2006  King's Echo  Devilwood
 2005  Be Very Quiet  Dry Whiskey
 2004  Just Like You Imagined  Sonata
 2003  Keys of Life  Coyote 13
 2002  Modern Life  Flashcards
 2001  What's In Heidi's Head  
 2002  The Snow  


 Year  Best Screenplay  Best Music Video
 2007  The Devil’s In The Details  Gone
 2006  Dirty Implements  Take a Good Look - Alyson
 2005  Road 2 Y  United
 2004  Coat Tales  Issues
 2003  Killing Johnny  Moving Weight
 2002  A Mary Can Dream  


 Year  Best Foreign Short  Audience Award
 2007  That Beautiful Somewhere  Mexican Sunrise
 2006  Lucky  Car Stories
 2005  What's Love Doing in the Mountains  Taking Your Life
 2004    Bonneville Wide Open


 Year  Best Horror Film
 2007  Zombie Love
 2006  Bad Blood


Submission Info


The California Independent Film Festival prefers entries submitted via The International Film Festival Submission System (BrigitFest) - on the Web at

Withoutabox provides cost-saving, online entry to major film festivals throughout the U.S. and in Europe with one master entry form, allowing you and us to enter your film more quickly and with greater accuracy. This method is free and easy.

If you cannot apply online, click here to download a PDF file, print the entry form, then mail it in.(requires Adobe Reader)


· Please mail completed submission form together with corresponding submission fee to the address below.
· Make checks payable to California Independent Film Festival.
· Include VHS screener copy of your film or original screenplay

Early Submission March 31st, 2006 (postmark) features $45 all other categories $30

Late Submission July 31st, 2006 (postmark) features $65 all other categories $45.

Student submission fee - Early Submission June 30th $30 - Late Submission July 31st $40 (Must send photocopy of valid student id card with submission form. Maximum of three submissions per student.)

10% Discount for FAF Members (please include copy of your membership card with your entry form)

The California Independent Film Festival is partially sponsored by, distributor of wholesale vapor accessories and products. We are grateful for their support and encourage festival goers to patronize our sponsors. RMD logo appears on some of our promotional materials throughout the venue. They have also provided funding for a number of short films screened at the festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the submission fee? (please note submission deadlines)
see above

see above

Can you lower/waive the submission fee for special circumstances?
Besides the waived submission fee for Alumni filmmakers we can't make any adjustments to the fee structure.

Can you make an exception on the submission deadline?
Unfortunately we are on a strict time schedule to get through all the submissions and cannot make any exceptions.

Is it a postmarked deadline or received by deadline?
The submissions deadline is a postmarked by deadline.

Do you accept rough cuts/work-in-progress?
Yes, we will review and consider rough cuts and works-in-progress. Please note on the submission what elements are still being worked on.

Do you require films to be made after a certain date?
No completion deadline date, just a great film.

Can my submission and marketing material be mailed back to me after the submission process?
Due to the overwhelming number of entries we cannot return any submission materials.

How am I eligible for the Bay Area Filmmaking Showcase section?
A film is eligible for our Bay Area Filmmaking section if the filmmaker currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, or if the film was primarily shot in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your film will be considered for all of the festival’s sections though.

What are the acceptable screening/exhibition formats for your festival?
We can screen films on 35mm and DVD. For the submission process, we can screen VHS (NTSC) tapes and DVD’s (Region 0 or 1).

Is there an age requirement for the film festival?
Filmmakers of any age can submit a film.

Can I get confirmation that you received my submission?
Yes, our film festival staff will update withoutabox and non-withoutabox submissions will receive an email confirmation. Also, you can send a self-addressed stamped postcard.

When will I be informed of which films made it in?
Our final decisions will be announced in early September.

Do you watch the submissions all the way through?
Yes. Our team of screeners and film programmers ensure that every film is watched and scored by 5 different screeners completely and fairly.

Can I still submit if my film has distribution or has aired on television?

How do you distinguish shorts from features?
Narrative shorts should be under 60 minutes, Narrative features should run at least 61 minutes.

Do you accept music videos?

Can I submit more then one film?
Yes, but each film must have its own submission form filled out and fee paid.

Do you accept multiple submissions on one DVD?
Yes, see above. On VHS, only ONE film per tape please.

Do I have to pick the category I want to submit to?
No, we will select which category each film plays in.

Who do you make checks payable to for submissions?
California Independent Film Festival Association

What materials (i.e.:tapes, press kits, etc) should be sent?
Please send only the film on a VHS or DVD with our submission form printed out. We do not need any press kits, photos or other supplemental materials yet.

Do you accept both DVD+R and DVD-R discs?
Yes, but please check the discs on your home player before sending. A VHS copy is the safest!

What additional information do I need to provide for submission as a student filmmaker?
All we request is a copy of your student ID.

Do I need to have all my music rights cleared to show a film at CIFF?
It is suggested that you retain at least film festival rights for your music, whether it’s a score or songs.

Can I re-submit my film from last year?

If my film is not chosen, may I speak with a programmer for notes or feedback?
Unfortunately due to time constraints and the large number of submissions, we are unable to give individual feedback.

What are my option when submitting my film?
Online through WithOutABox or download the entry, fill it out and mail the required materials.

If I still have a question that isn't covered here who do I contact?
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 925-552-7335